Facial Care

Facial Cleanser (N, V)

Start your day off right with our gentle facial cleanser. With its smooth feel and gentle lather, you won't want to use anything else again.  Available in:

Lavender & Chamomle (Acne/Sensitive)

Carrot & Almond (Dry/Mature) 

 Facial Lotion (AN, V)

Top off every cleansing session with our soothing moisturizer.  Make up for moisture and oil lost by daily activity and stress.  You'll love the smooth silky feel.  Perfect for any skin type.

Facial Masks (AN, V)

Our All-Natural Facial Masks are made with Kaolin Clay or Rhassoul Clay (mined in the mountains of Morocco).  Our Facial Masks can help to reduce dryness and flakiness, improve skin clarity and elasticity, and rejuvinate and tone.  Out with the bad, in with the good...(shown in Coconut Mango).

 Facial Scrub (S, V)

Our facial scrub has a robust feel with tons of jojoba beads to gently exfoliate dead skin cells.  Once or twice a week is all thats needed to keep softer, newer looking skin. 

(Color in this product is due to Jojoba Beads)

Eye Cream (AN, V)

Our Eye Cream has a rich & creamy texture and is light and fast absorbing. It includes Marigold extract which helps to sooth and revive dry, puffy and sensitive under eye skin, Cucumber extract to help calm and cool, Chamomile extract to help reduce inflammation, and Carrot essential oil to help firm loose skin.  Made from some of the most natural and mild ingredients, our eye cream is gentle while still maintaining the look and feel of a luxurious cream.

Lip Balm (AN)

This lip balm is awesome! We use only high quality, natural, food grade ingredients, and no color, only flavor. So creamy it will leave your lips feeling silky smooth!



Facial Scrub w Apricot Shells (AN, V) 

Smooth away dirt and oil with our invigorating facial scrub. It has been specially formulated for all skin types.  This Facial Scrub will cleanse and revitalize your skin, leaving it soft and refreshed.  It is Paraben Free and, loaded with tons of ground apricot shells to gently exfoliate delicate skin.

Facial Toner (AN, V)

Reduce inflammation while removing last traces of dirt missed during cleansing.  Our Toner will bring your skin's PH back to a healthy level. Gentle enough for daily use.  Available in:

Lavender & Tea Tree (Oily/Acne)

Carrot, Geranium & Almond (Dry/Mature)

Lavender, Jasmine & Chamomile(Sensitive/Normal)

 Facial Toner (AN, V)

 If you like our Facial Toner, but need a more convenient way of having it to use when you need it most...you'll LOVE our Toner in a Jar! You get 30 pre-soaked cotton wipes in a small, easy to carry jar!

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