Home Fragrance

Home Fragrance

 Our 11" incense sticks burn approx. 35-40 min. and are sold in pkgs of 10.

 Our Air Fresheners are sold in non-aerosol pump spray bottles.  They are highly concentrated, so one or two squirts scents an entire room for several hours!

Reed Diffusers let you scent your home without the worry of an open flame.  Our reed diffusers come in two sizes and can be colored to match your decor.  The 4oz bottle will scent a room up to 100 sq.ft. (for larger rooms the 8oz bottle would be better).

Our wax melts are made from a soy/paraffin blend.  Each clamshell package contains 6 wax melts. Each melt will burn full of scent for approx six hours (stronger scents will last longer). 

 Our Incense Burners are crafted from wood and stained a dark brown. Choose from a simple Sled (holds one incense stick), or an ornate Coffin Box (holds either a stick or cone, and closes to hide them while allowing the scent to pass out through the holes).

 (shown in Coffin Box)

 Our 19" incense sticks are natural wood color, burn approx 60-65 min. and are sold in pkgs of 6.

Our Fragrance Sachets are so versatile.  Use them in your car, dresser drawer, bathroom, pretty much anywhere!  They can be rescented with just a couple squirts of our air fresheners.

Our Sachet Re-chargers are a great way to re-scent your sachets! It comes in a highly concentrated, easy to hold 1 oz spray bottle.  Simply hold your sachet over the sink, and spray it generously.  Hang it from the faucet and allow it to dry.  Your sachet can be re-scented several times with one bottle.  Order the same scent as your sachet, or a different one, it's your choice! (1 oz bottle $3.50)

Our Jar Candles are made from a soy/paraffin blend.  We use cotton wicks, treated to cut down on carbon release when burning. 

Original Candle Warmer 

Place your tart bowl, votive cup, jar candle, or any heat safe wax container on the electric burner and enjoy the scent without the worry of an open flame.  Simply plug it in, turn it on, and breathe in!  Our warmers do not have an auto shut off feature at this time, so be mindful to turn it off when you leave the area. 

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