Paracord Wear

Custom Handmade Paracord Bracelets, Key Chains & Pet Collars

 What is paracord and why make things out of it? Paracord is super strong, durable, moisture resistant, and versatile. It is made of essentially 8 pieces. It has an outer sheath and 7 braided inner strands. That's why it's so strong. Our paracord is nylon so it won't mildew or rot. It is so versatile in that let’s say you have a bracelet that's made out of 7 feet of paracord. You then have 7 feet of the outer sheath as well as 7 feet each of the 7 inner strands. If you pull it all apart (and that is so easy to do) you have 56 feet of material to work with. That is amazing! There’s nothing like paracord.

Our Survival wear is made with only top quality 550 paracord manufactured by a certified military contractor.

We use paracord that is tested to withstand 550 lbs of force!


Ø Made in the USA!

Ø 100% Nylon Paracord

Ø Mildew / Rot Resistant

Ø Moisture Resistant

Ø Custom Made

Ø Durable & Versatile

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